Starting May 1, 2022, decals will no longer be issued and will no longer be required to be displayed on license plates.

New P.S.T. Tax Regulations effective October 1, 2022

On Oct 1, 2022, the BC Government will have new tax regulations on PST. 

ICBC to provide Relief Rebate to eligible customers

Questions and Answers:

If you have not received your rebate, please click External link opens in new tab or windowHERE to request for a re-issance of the rebate cheque.

Am I eligible for the rebate?
If you had an active eligible basic auto insurance policy at any time during the month of February 2022, you'll receive a rebate.
Our goal with this rebate is to provide financial relief to the largest amount of customers as possible. Exceptions include golf carts, off-road vehicles, rental vehicles, trailers, temporary operation permits, commercial rental vehicles, roadbuilding and industrial machines, including forklifts and commercial trailers. ​​

How much is the rebate?
Personal insurance customers who had an active eligible basic auto insurance policy at any time during the month of February will receive a $110 relief rebate.
Commercial insurance customers who had an active eligible basic insurance policy at any time during the month of February will receive a $165 relief rebate. The higher amount is in recognition that these drivers incur higher expenses for insurance premiums.

When will I receive the rebate?

PLEASE NOTE: ICBC will not issue any rebates to customers via text message or email. ​If you receive a text message asking you to click a link to receive your relief rebate, please delete the message –  this is a scam. Read on for information on how you will receive your rebate.

Starting in May, customers who have signed up for direct deposit with us will receive their rebate in their bank account. Customers can External link opens in new tab or windowsign up for direct deposit on or contact their Autoplan broker.

Customers who have paid for their insurance with a credit card can expect to receive their rebate as a credit on their card between May and June.

All other customers, including those who paid by debit, cash or payment plan will receive their rebate as a cheque starting in June. However, customers can External link opens in new tab or windowsign up until April 30 to receive their rebate through direct deposit instead.

We expect to have all cheques mailed to customers by the end of July.

Regardless of the rebate payment method, all eligible customers will receive a letter confirming when their rebate is issued.​

Customers with leased vehicles will receive a cheque starting in June. Typically, the company that the vehicle is leased from must endorse the customer's refund cheque. However, we'll be contacting some leasing companies to obtain authorization to issue cheques directly to customers. In our letters to customers, we'll outlin​e whether they need the leasing company to endorse their cheque.

Is it one rebate per insurance policy or customer?

Customers will receive a rebate per eligible insurance policy.

Customers will receive their rebate depending on how they paid for their policy.

If a customer has multiple policies and paid with the same payment method, they'll receive one rebate. If a customer paid with multiple credit cards, they'll receive a refund to the first card used.

Changes with ICBC on May 1, 2021.

ICBC is changing to help make life more affordable in B.C.
The B.C. government and ICBC are creating a new way of doing auto insurance, which started May 1, 2021.

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Renewals by phone and online coming soon. Please call us for more details.  604-942-6188

Important changes to note when renewing your ICBC insurance.

You have to list anyone that will be driving your car when you renew your insurance.

On Sep 1 2019, ICBC introduced a new driver-based model that will represent a driver’s risk on the road. All drivers listed under one vehicle will have a combined score using each drivers Individual Rating Factor and will be rated as a collective risk for that vehicle.

75 per cent of a basic insurance premium is determined by the principal driver while the other 25 per cent is based on the driver with the highest level of risk.

This new rating model will target drivers that are a risk to the roads, rather than the vehicle.

For a full list of changes, please visit:

External link opens in new tab or windowICBC’s website for these changes

Items to prepare before coming in to our office to renew your ICBC policy:

1) Check if your vehicle is equipped with Autonomous Emergency Braking.  This feature will qualify you for a discount.

2) If you potentially drive less than 5000 km a year, take a picture of your odometer reading.  Driving the vehicle less than 5000 km a year will also give you a potential discount on your renewal.

3) Prepare a list of all drivers of your vehicle.  Get their dates of birth and drivers licence numbers as it is important to list all potential drivers of your vehicle.

4) Give yourself time to get the renewal processed.  There will be questions pertaining to the new rules, and we want to ensure you have a clear understanding of these changes, so please give yourself extra time when you visit us so we may be able to answer all your questions.